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Thanks for putting in the work on those tabletops.

Adam J. Kurtz told us all to figure out what we're saying and then to fucking say it. Thanks for hosting us.

The sputtering from the shutter was played by Mike Edmonds, our photographer. Thanks for capturing the night.

Special thanks to Wix for opening up their space and their arms to the Draft & Draw community. Shouts to Erin Murphy and Trevor Davis for helping us setup and tear down.

And finally, a sincere thank you to each of you who has been brave enough to pull up a seat and and make a mark on that yellow paper.

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About Draft & Draw

Draft & Draw is an intimate monthly social event series where 75 people come together for three hours of making new friends, drinking local brews, and drawing all over tables.

Produced by

Shane Zucker
Jason Bacher

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